German Flecktarn Camo M62 Steel Helmet Cover- Unissued


Don't forget these...

Yes, I managed to snag some of these awesome helmet covers, designed for the West German M62/85 helmet. These came new in the original boxes when I ordered them, and are in great shape. They do have that typical "surplus smell" which is sort of musty, but structurally and visually are un-issued. Reversible from Woodland Flecktarn to Winter White. 

Now, why are these on a different listing than the other ones? Because of a couple reasons. The first being, they're not the same style as the later covers made for the Shuberth B826 Aramid helmet, nor are they interchangeable. The second reason being the fact that they're totally un issued! 

The cool thing about these is that they fit most M1 style/shaped helmets as these are secured with a drawstring. They don't work so well on helmets with the "Low Ear" profile, but a more M1 style shape should work. That's about all I've got, I'm sure you'll like it, especially at this price!