WW2 Australian Wool Puttees (Leg Wraps)- Unissued


Don't forget these...

Once in a while, we're able to get some WW2 era surplus items, well, we've done it again. These Puttees are made of a nice olive drab wool, and are about 3.5' in length each. These are short puttees, and are made simply to act as leggings above short boots. The Japanese and many other countries utilized this version after the First World War, as they are more economical, yet just as effective at protection as the longer ones. 

Pair of Two Wraps. 

I've worn puttees out hiking in wooded areas, and can personally attest to the effectiveness and protection these offer. A great accessory for any outdoor trip. 

If you need these to be longer, you can simply buy a few pairs of these and sew them together. Most have dates on them that are clear. Stamps/Tags vary, but all seem to be 1943/1944 dated. My supplier said they were Belgian, but they say "made in Australia" on the tags, so your guess is as good as mine. 

Affordable WW2 surplus is always a great thing!