Austrian Bundesheer Aluminum Canteen W/Nylon Cover


Don't forget these...

In cold temperatures, there is no substitute for a durable aluminum canteen. This particular style is no exception. Featuring heavy duty aluminum construction, these are built for the toughest of excursions. The heavy duty O.D. Nylon Covers are in the same league, making this a perfect pairing for your loadout or camping gear. 

Some of the equipment clips on the covers were made by Glock, as seen in the photo. Manufacturer marks may vary though. 

NOTE: These are all used, so they may require some cleaning. Aluminum canteens can be cleaned using BBs and vinegar/bleach. It's loud, so make sure you do it outside or provide ear protection to your family. Most of these are already okay, but as with any surplus, I'd recommend cleaning it prior to use. Retention chains will probably be missing, but it's not an essential part of the canteen.