German UN-ISSUED Flecktarn Camouflage Field Shirt


Don't forget these...

I was able to find a source that allows me to purchase BRAND NEW un-issued genuine Bundeswehr Fleck Camo field shirts, and let me tell you, they're worth every penny.

Sure, our used ones are fantastic as well, and some people love the washed/faded look, as do I, but these are for those who want a brand new Flecktarn shirt to wash and fade yourself. 

Sizes available are sizes listed. If you don't see your size here, check out the used shirts to see if they're available. In my personal experience, these are cut slightly bigger, so I will also add the "actual" U.S. size on each variant.  

Even though these are un-issued, please allow for storage wear and random storage "dirt" (I really don't know what it may be). There were only a couple shirts that had slight spots I noticed, but all seem like they are washable and such.