Swedish M90L Camouflage Combat Pants


Don't forget these...

Now available from a retailer in the U.S! 

Genuine surplus Swedish M90 Camouflage Uniforms. These have been highly sought after and desired by camouflage aficionados in the U.S since it was introduced in the early 1990s. Now is your chance to grab some for yourself. This sweet camo pattern is unique and sure to be a conversation starter. 

Condition: Although these are in overall good condition, these are surplus items and therefore may not be perfect. Please allow for small tears, scuffs, and slight fading. Although I hand sort through every item I sell, there are some small things that I just might not catch. You won't receive a piece of junk, but please be aware these are surplus, and may have been used in less than desirable conditions.

Sizing: I have hand measured each size to come up with the most accurate sizing possible. If you have an issue, please contact me. I've gotten more familiar with these, and have had minimal issues in the past. Please make sure to look closely at sizes in your cart before ordering to make sure you selected the right size as their size chart is a bit weird. PLEASE USE YOUR ACTUAL waist measurement and not your jean size. American jean sizes are designed to make us feel better about ourselves. If you wear a size 34, your waist actually measures 36, so be sure to know your actual waist size to ensure a correct fit. These are meant to be worn at the actual waist, so measure around the navel.