Czech Vz95 Style Camo Combat Pants


Don't forget these...

I normally don't stray away from actual military surplus, but in this case I unfortunately have to. After years of searching for these surplus pants, I ended up paying over $100 for a pair in my size, and realized why they're hard to find in the surplus world. THEY ROCK. Basically, what you're going to get from this, is a really nice new made replica that's slightly lighter in weight, but still is cut in the same pattern as the Czech Vz95 combat pants.

Made of a comfortable and durable 50/50 Cotton/Poly material, these not only look great, but are comfortable. They're not surplus, but it sure beats wearing a $100+ pair of pants out in the woods! Although not technically surplus, since I sell so many other Vz95 camo tops, I figured this is the least I could do. 

NOTES: These are sized in ACTUAL waist size measurements, not the feel-good U.S Jean sizes. I.E, if you wear a size 42 Jean size, your waist will most likely measure 44". Please know your actual waist measurement when deciding on size. It will save us both a headache.