Soviet Cold War Era PVC Coated Canvas Belt W/Green Buckle- Unissued


Don't forget these...

Straight from a warehouse in Ukraine! These bad boys were offered to me by a picker over in Ukraine who got them in their ORIGINAL PACKAGING. These are made of HEAVY duty canvas coated with a brown PVC coating for water resistance and durability. Buckle and clasp are made of steel coated in water-resistant paint. 

An absolutely iconic and fantastic piece of Cold War history at a very affordable price. These are not only collectible, but practical as well as a utility/gun belt due to its rugged construction. 

Although these are un-issued, they were stored away for many years in a Ukrainian warehouse and may have some dust on them, as well as minor scuffs from being moved from one place to another. That being said, I pulled them from their original boxes, you really can't get much more un-issued than that!

Sizing: ACTUAL waist size and location need to be taken in to consideration. These are meant to be worn at the navel (bellybutton), and I have these sized at their maximum size for the two sizes. The sizes are listed in inches, not U.S. pants size, so please take that in to consideration. 

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