Yugoslavian M59 or M59/85 Grade 2/3 Helmets. For Restoration or Display


Don't forget these...

For all you bargain hunters, we've got the goods. These are Yugoslavian M59 and M59/85 helmets that didn't make the cut for grade 1 as they are filthy, too worn, rusty, missing parts, or just generally in bad shape. 

The good news for you is that they're priced to move, and give you the opportunity to get ahold of an inexpensive piece of history. 

NOTE: No returns will be accepted on these as they are sold as-is. You may receive an M59 or M59/85, both will have random markings or lack markings. To keep it fair, I will not take requests for specific models or markings. Buying more increases your chances of variety. Picture shown represents two random helmets that were drawn from the pile, and your helmets may be in slightly better, or worse condition. 

While supplies last!