Czechoslovakian M1985 Winter Cap- Used

Size In CM

Don't forget these...

If you are looking for a rugged winter cap that will keep you warm and still take a beating, these hats are the most cost-effective and comfortable. These are some of the most popular winter hats I sell, and they usually go pretty fast. 

Made of Poly/Cotton materials, these are designed to work in very cold climates. Trust me, being up in Wisconsin, we don't take our winter-wear lightly. Grab these while you can!

These may or may not have insignia, but expect them to not have any. Also, styles and colors/materials vary slightly from the picture, but they're all the same ushanka style. Also, you may receive a hat with a different size stamp than you ordered, but that's because I go through each one and measure the ACTUAL size of the cap, as some of them have shrunk over time and use. Most are in good structural shape, but please allow for some to be used a bit more than others. 

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