Soviet SSh-60 Steel Helmet- Used


Don't forget these...

If you collect Soviet items or helmets, you'll know how elusive this particular model is. Often overlooked and forgotten about, this helmet was involved in several armed conflicts, and is still being used to this day around the world. Utilizing the infamous SSh-40 shell style, but incorporating a new liner system to accommodate wearing an Ushanka underneath the helmet, this helmet saw extensive use in Vietnam and Afghanistan. These were ultimately replaced by the Ssh-68 Steel helmet, but these were produced even through the 1970s. Most of these were issued, used and abused, and they weren't made that long, which is what makes these one of the harder variants to find. 

ALL of these are used, but in great condition. Liner styles and material may vary slightly, but all are 100% authentic surplus direct from Ukraine. They have that wonderful Soviet-Esque "Musk" warehouse smell to them, so don't be caught off guard. 

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