British Alt-Berg Combat Boots- Used With NEW Sole. IN STOCK

Size (UK)

Don't forget these...

What's better than getting a pair of nice, broken-in used Alt-Berg Boots? Getting a nice broken-in used pair with a BRAND NEW SOLE! It's basically having a brand new boot that you don't have to break in!

Made of heavy duty leather, and featuring Vibram soles, these are not only comfortable, but are built super tough. There's a reason surplus stores in the U.K. struggle to keep these on their shelves, and I'm convinced that when you grab yourself a pair, you'll know that reason.

NOTES: These are ALL used so expect wear on the leather.

Sizes are in UK Sizes, so if you're in the U.S. they'll be about one size bigger than what you wear. What this means, for example, you wear a size 10 US, then you should order a size 9 UK as they're sized slightly larger. IF you want them intentionally slightly bigger so you can wear heavier socks, grab your normal size as listed. While Supplies Last!