Hungarian M1950 E-Tool/Shovel- Used


Don't forget these...

Designed and patterned off the Austro-Hungarian M1910 Entrenching Tool widely used in the First World War, these beefy E-tools were built to last, and to look great doing it. Featuring a heavy duty riveted blade and reinforcement ring on the base of the blade, these are time-tested and are fantastic. I carry one of these in my vehicle for emergency digging or self-defense from animals, as they are fantastic for both. On top of that, these are collectible, and VERY similar to many earlier designs. An all-around great piece of good old surplus.

NOTE: These are all old, and some are used. They have been in storage for a while so expect minor imperfections such as grease, rust, wear, and nicks on the handle. That being said, you will not receive a derelict piece of crap. Some may also have the top of the blade (the part where you put your boot on for tough digging) bent either a little or a lot. This actually makes it easier to not cut through your boot, but be aware that in a slightly common imperfection. If you don't like it, it can be bent back rather easily, but this is something soldiers would do frequently.