British MTP Camouflage Wind-Resistant Smock- Used


Don't forget these...

If you know anything about British smocks, you'll know that they're some of the toughest, most practical, comfortable, and coolest looking in the surplus world. These are keeping in fine tradition of the common design of the classic "smock", but in the new and improved Multi Terrain Pattern. 

Featuring four large frontal pockets, and two shoulder pockets, for a total of 6, if you need a garment that can hold a lot of gear, this is your ticket. 

NOTES: These are all used, so please expect wear, fading, small tears, writing, and other minor imperfections associated with military use. Some will also have the "wire" in the hood removed but it doesn't affect function. That being said, you won't receive a derelict piece of crap.

These usually don't last long, so make sure you don't miss out!

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