Yugoslavian M48 Mauser 2-Cell Leather Ammo Pouch- Used


Don't forget these...

If you want some pouches with class, and a lot of history, these are for you. Made of old school thick, durable leather, these hold ammo and look good while doing it. Not much of the ammo carrying type? These hold cell phones (not the giant bricks that some of you may carry) and other everyday items. 

Grab yourself some of these if you're sick of having loose chargers hanging around at the range. Wear them on your belt instead. 

NOTE: These are all used, and are all in varying conditions, colors, and styles. Please check out the stock photo (the pictures of four pouches) to see what I'm talking about. If you order two of these for a set, I'll try to get the color as close as possible to match up. Brass may have some greenish corrosion as pictured, but this comes off with a paper towel. 

GRADE 2 MEANS that they will be more used/dirty/stiff with cleaning and restoration required. The will still be functional, but will require some TLC to get them 100% to that point.