West German Firearm Cleaning Swabs- Unissued

Pack Size

Don't forget these...

These are something that I've been personally using for years to clean out bores from .223 to 12 gauge. The are genuine surplus issued German Bundeswehr equipment, and were used from the late 1950s through now to clean firearms from the H&K G3 to the MP5. These come in bundles of 8 swabs, which can be split/divided according to the relevant caliber. These are made to function with the issued G3 cleaning kits, also available on this site, but are compatible with and needle-tipped style cleaning rod or pull-through. Made of 100% cotton, these are the way to go for swabbing out bores. 48 will last a decent amount of time, but 96 will obviously last longer. These are the way to go. 

You will receive 6 bundles of 8 swabs, for a total of 48, or 12 bundles of 8 for a total of 96. Full boxes of 1,000 ship in original Bundeswehr boxes. Stock image shows the bundles, not the individual swabs.