Czech M1960 Strichtarn Camo Hood/Helmet Cover-Used


Don't forget these...

So you have a Czechoslovakian M52 or M52/85 helmet, like most of us. "Man I wish they would have designed a helmet cover" is the general consensus of most people who own one, including myself until recently. 

A fellow helmet collector informed me, after he spoke with a veteran of the Czechoslovak Cold War Army, that they did in fact have a helmet cover. Though not "official", much like the East German Soldiers, Czechoslovakian Soldiers used these hoods for their Parkas as camouflage helmet covers. As you can see in the photo of my helmet with this cover, they actually fit and look great! I know many people will want these, so I got quite a few.

If you have a Czechoslovakian M1960 Strichtarn Parka, these will also button in to them so you've got a hood as well as a helmet cover. 

NOTE: These are all used, so expect wear and use. That being said, these are mostly in great shape, and will be a GREAT addition to your collection. While supplies last!