Yugo SKS Leather 2 Cell Pouch


Don't forget these...

Yugoslavian Dual Cell pouch for the SKS rifle. These hold several clips for the SKS rifle, and were used from the 1960's through the early 2000's. 
Heavy-Duty leather construction with brass hardware. These will vary in condition greatly, which is what the stock photos represent. Some are in better condition than others, but will be complete and serviceable. Most of these were used in conflicts, and their condition will reflect that like many other surplus items. I tend to under-represent items so there are no surprises when they get to you. 
I can try to match up your pouches if you buy two or more, but no guarantees. These are getting harder to find, and are a must-have for any surplus collector or hunter/shooter. 
NOTES: Grade 1s will be stiff, and will require some care, but are in good shape. They also may be folded sideways, but this doesn't affect functionality when on a belt. 
Grade 2s will be more stiff and/or worn. They will also require some hefty cleaning. Functionally they should be alright, but some will have torn stitches and such.