East German Strichtarn Combat Pack with Belt and Suspenders- Used


Don't forget these...

Want a basic East German web kit without having to search around for the individual pieces? Well, you're in the right place! Not only are these really collectible and a great piece of Cold War History, but they're also very practical for those hunting/camping trips requiring rugged equipment.

These packages come with three pieces: The Pack, Nylon Suspenders, and a Nylon Combat Belt with Brass Buckle. The pack itself may vary slightly in style, but all appear the same on the outside. Conditions will vary. Expect some wear, stains, writing, and other imperfections associated with field use and surplus in general. That being stated, you won't get a piece of crap that you can't use. Belts are adjustable up to about a 42" waist. 

East German items are NOT getting any easier to find, especially the practical stuff like this. Make sure you grab it while you can!