Leather Mauser Three-Pocket Ammo Pouch


Don't forget these...

Original Turkish/Yugoslavian (don't know for sure) Mauser 3 Pocket Ammo pouch. These are brown leather, and vary slightly in size and design. Picture is a representative picture of the kind of pouch you will receive and is a stock photo. All are in Used, serviceable condition.  Each cell will hold FOUR 5 round charger clips, which means each pouch is a12-clip pouch. May have writing done by soldiers. Dividers are usually intact but please allow for some missing/broken. May have writing done by soldiers. 

If you reenact WW1 German, these will work perfectly for your impression, as they are the closest style to the M1909 Ammo Pouches. 



If you order two, I will try my best to match them as close as I can with each other. No guarantees on an exact match though.