Swiss Gray Wool Field Tunic- Used

Chest Size

Don't forget these...

It's a VERY good feeling to find some AWESOME surplus items like these in this day and age. These were worn by Swiss forces (some styles changed over the years) from about the 1930s until the 1990s. In this current batch, there is a nice array of sizes, as well as insignias. Not all tunics will have insignia, but most do. To keep it fair, I will pick randomly.

Not only do these look positively awesome, but they're VERY nice for chilly weather when you are out and about and want to look super cool whilst doing so. I'm not sure of the actual material composition, but I am certain that they are predominantly wool, which is getting harder to find nowadays, especially at this price. 

NOTES: These are all used, so expect minor fading, possible small tears, buttons being slightly cracked (yet still functional), writing, and other minor imperfections associated with any military surplus. That being said, I have weeded out the tunics that have issues beyond what I would consider "normal" stock to ship out to you, so buy with confidence. 

These also are cut to European style, so if you have massively large shoulders, order a size up from what you normally wear. With THAT also being said, my Ogre self found one that fits like an absolute glove, and I am pretty confident you'll love the way yours fits. Picture is a stock photo, of course, and yours will vary, but you get the idea. So what are you waiting for, grab yours before they're gone!