U.S. M1 Vietnam Era/Configuration Helmet

Camo Band Style

Don't forget these...

This is a helmet with an original shell, liner, and chinstrap, but has a nice repro cover and innertube band. Liner is an airborne liner that one of the A yokes is broken off, but most of the time, when either USMC or Army infantry were issued an Airborne liner (despite most not being Airborne), they just tucked it up under the webbing or removed it. Either way, this is a damn sweet piece for reenacting or display.

NOTES: These are ALL used and genuine surplus. Expect corrosion on the hardware and other minor imperfections associated with combat use. That being said, I inspect each one before shipping to ensure it's complete and functional, even if it isn't a totally beautiful piece. If you want a "perfect" M1, this is not for you, this looks like it's been out in the bush or on the streets of Hue City for a few weeks.