U.S. Vietnam War "Mitchell" Pattern Helmet Cover- New Made- Lightly Faded


Don't forget these...

Since it's getting extremely hard to find originals of these, and more and more people don't want to bring an original in to the field to get chewed up, I've decided to offer up these really nice repros as a more cost effective alternative. As a bonus, I've run these through a process that fades them exactly like the originals, so you get that "been there" look. These are what I call "Lightly Faded" and would be equal to a guy who's been there for a couple months, but not that long. The colors are still bright, but faded to the point where the white is starting to come through. These look almost identical to originals I have in my collection, and are PERFECT for reenacting, living history, or just for display. Reversible to the "clouds" pattern. 

Each one is different from the stock photo, obviously. Out of all the repros I've come across, these are some of the best.