WW2 German M35 Double Decal Kriegsmarine Helmet- Repro


Don't forget these...

This is a nice repro that I did some work on to make it even better. These come painted in a correct "Battleship gray" and have very high quality decals, and I have also applied  a dome stamp on the inside. Dome stamps will be random but 100% accurate. These are some of the nicest reproduction shells I've come across, and are an amazing alternative to a $1000 original M35 for reenacting or display.  Size 66 Shells on these bad boys. 

Honestly, the liners could be a little better, but the original German liners were pretty much crap to begin with, so it's very accurate. Shells are not marked, nor are liners as I don't want people trying to pass these off as originals.