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Mike's Militaria officially began in 2015 as a way to fund my collecting addict---erm, "hobby" by selling military surplus items for a small profit to expand my collection. Since then, it's expanded to a level that I never thought was possible, all thanks to the hundreds of customers who have made this a reality. 

Located in small-town Wisconsin, Mike's Militaria is a veteran owned business dedicated to bringing really cool surplus items to collectors and outdoor enthusiasts like you. Being a collector myself, the necessity for affordable items is clearly understood, and that is my main goal.

Though the business itself has grown, the practice of hand-selecting and sorting items based on size and condition has not. Recently, my good friend Dakotah has joined my operation as my Customer Care Battlemage and inventory specialist in order to allow me more time to make sure you get the best items, described accurately. 


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Questions? For all product inquiries and any other issues, contact Dakotah in customer service at Dakotah@mikesmilitaria.com

For all other comments, media, and wholesale pricing inquiries, contact Mike@mikesmilitaria.com