Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sets Mike's Militaria apart from larger competitors?


Mike's Militaria is a small, veteran owned company located in small-town Wisconsin. Unlike other major retailers who deal in surplus, we hand-sort every item that passes through our hands from the time we receive the items, to the time we ship.

This allows us to bring you items that are not only in completely functional condition, but are delivered exactly as described. This minimizes the chances of sizing issues (see sizing for your part in that) and in turn, reduces a lot of confusion related to sizing. 


This item looks way too good/new to be original, is it a reproduction?


Great question. Some surplus items I receive have either never been issued, or have been immaculately taken care of by the person who it was issued to. All of my reproduction items are clearly described as such, and new-made items are also clearly described as such.

Although other vendors have attempted to exploit the honesty system in the past, I care about the reputation of this business, and am also a collector myself, so I try to clearly and honestly describe all items for what they actually are. 


Do you combine shipping?


The shipping charges are based on the weight of each item, combined with the packaging weight (boxes and envelopes have weight to them), and the mailing service. This automatically calculates the cost based on your address, and charges you as such based on weight. 


 Do you have X item that isn't listed on the website?


Everything I have available currently will be listed on the website. If you don't see your size, or the item you're looking for, that means, unfortunately, I currently don't have it. 

That being said, I am always getting new inventory, so I encourage you to subscribe to my E-mail list if you haven't already. This way, you'll be among the first to know when I'll be getting new inventory, or when new items will be available, sometimes for pre-order. 


Have you shipped my item yet?


When your item ships, you will receive an e-mail notification to the e-mail you used to complete your order. If you haven't received a notification, it means your item hasn't shipped. 

This is most likely due to the fact that I am usually only able to ship items 1-2 days per week. Please try to understand this and be patient, you will get your item(s), I'm just not Amazon Prime, I'm only one person. 


Do you accept returns?


In certain situations, yes. If I totally send you the wrong size (one you didn't order) or the wrong item, those are acceptable grounds for a return/exchange.

Buyer's remorse, "It didn't meet my expectations", and simply returning for the sake of returning are not valid reasons for an order cancellation/return. Unfortunately, I'm not a rent-a-center.

All this being said, I try to describe my items accurately and as realistically as possible so there are no surprises when you receive your item. Because of this, returns are only accepted in certain situations. 

You MUST contact me within 14 DAYS of receiving an item that is defective or the wrong item, or the return/exchange will not happen. 

I also really need you as the customer to do your part and be 100% sure of your sizes before ordering. This alleviates a lot of issues with returns. My items are sized to U.S Sizes, or the respective country's size chart will be on the listing. 


Can you take pictures of the "actual" item?


On most listings, I utilize stock photos, which are simply one item randomly drawn from stock, photographed, and uploaded. Although military surplus items may vary slightly in color and style, the photo combined with the description will give you an accurate idea of what you're going to receive. 


What are the different "Grades" of surplus on your site?


Grade 1: Items have been inspected to ensure flaws are minimal. With all surplus items, expect wear, fading, tears, dents, dings, writing, and slight variations in color and style, but you will receive an item that is 100% useable and functional. 

Grade 2: Items will have flaws, or be missing pieces, or will be in such used shape, they can't be classified as Grade 1. Although most items listed as Grade 2 will be functional, some will require minor to major restoration. Usually I will let you know in the description on a subjective basis. 


Why can't certain items be shipped outside the U.S?


Weapons, Body Armor, and Chemical Defense gear can not be shipped outside of the U.S. due to ITAR Regulations . It's not my decision, and there's nothing I can do about it nor will I attempt to circumvent this in any way, shape, or form. 


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