Antique German Gew. 88/05. Turkish Re-Work, 1891 Loewe


Don't forget these...

I managed to snag a few of these really cool rifles with a long history. These particular rifles were produced in Germany from 1888-1898 for use in the German Military. In 1905, they were updated to the 88/05 configuration, meaning they were now chambered for the Patronen S cartridge (Modern 8mm Mauser), charger clip guides were added, and on most, a cut out was made in the left side of the receiver to allow rounds to be pressed down in to the magazine. These Gew 88/05s were sent in great numbers to the Ottoman Empire during the First World War as aid.

After the War ended, these rifles remained in now Turkish service. These are considered antiques by the BATF, which means you can grab a great piece of history without needing an FFL.

Now the nitty gritty. What you see is what you get. The actual barreled receiver is pictured. These came to me caked in nasty dusty cosmoline, and that's how I'm selling it. Make sure to look closely at the photos as some of these are missing small parts. These will need a Bolt, Stock, and Various other small parts that may be missing. Bores are most likely in decent condition unless otherwise noted, but there are some that have cosmoline through the entire bore. . 

These are a FANTASTIC way to restore an old workhorse back to original configuration and at the same time, having a restoration project (or two) that is super fun and satisfying to complete once it's done. I've kept a few for myself and will be restoring them in time. 

NOW, The FUN STUFF: These are considered antiques by the BATF, but you still need to be 18 years old to purchase these. I will need you to e-mail some form of Government issued identification after purchasing for proof of age. Also, you need to know your local laws to make sure Antique firearms are legal in your location. I do not want to deal with the hassle of international shipping, so please don't order if you do not live in the United States. 

These are being sold as collector's items ONLY and should be inspected by a competent/licensed gunsmith before any attempt is made to fire these.