ANTIQUE Turkish M1893/34 Mauser Rifle in 8mm.


Don't forget these...

A nice piece of history, as well as a fantastic rifle that's considered an Antique. This one is one that was re-worked in the 1930s at the Ankara arsenal. I bought it as a barreled action and have since put it in a SUPER NICE Chilean 1895 stock with Turk handguard. Rifle overall has patina, and finish missing, but that's what happens when something is 130 years old. Bore is dark, but this should be a great shooter.

Only thing wrong with it is that the safety won't engage, and probably just needs some fine tuning or replacement, but other than that, the rifle appears to be functional, but dirty. Please look at the photos for details. If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE bidding.

This is an antique, so I will need a valid ID to confirm you're 18 or older, and that you can legally own an antique firearm where you reside. It's VERY rare you find an antique firearm chambered in a modern caliber. Most of these I've fired through the years have been EXCELLENT shooters. That being said, PLEASE have this inspected by a competent, licensed gunsmith PRIOR to firing. 

From my Personal collection.