Appraisal/Authenticating Service for Military Surplus Helmets, Gear, and Weapons


Don't forget these...

Due to the overwhelming amount of people asking for appraisals and authentications, I have decided to offer it as a service product as it does take up a fair amount of time for me. I aim to keep the prices affordable, and have a mutually beneficial service that works for both of us. So, here are the instructions and terms:

Helmets: I will need to know everything you know/have heard about it, and have detailed pictures of every component one can think of. Too many pictures are better than not enough. Example: A WW2 German M35 helmet you picked up online or at a garage sale. I will need pictures of the outside shell from as many angles as possible, as well as the liner and if possible the lot number and size stamp. The more detailed, the more accurate my Appraisal will be. 

Military Surplus Weapons (Firearms and Bayonets): Same terms as the helmets, but I will need to see almost every marking on every part of the weapon. This includes serial numbers and any other visible stamps. 

NOTE: I am not licensed, nor do I know everything about everything. I have spent roughly 25 years doing accurate research on military surplus helmets and weapons. The best part of this service, is that because I'm not licensed or "official", it will cost you a lot less, and if I simply can't find accurate prices or information, you will get your money back. It's better to have an affordable opinion before dropping a ton of money on an item that may not be authentic or worth the exuberant asking price. 

Refunds: I will give you as accurate of a dollar amount on an appraisal as possible. I will not let personal want/bias affect my work, and will give you as accurate of an appraisal as possible. That being said, if you are not satisfied, and receive an appraisal from a licensed professional, and send me the documentation, and I was way off the mark, a refund will be issued. If you simply thought your item was worth more, that is not grounds for a refund, as this is a common occurrence, but it's how we learn. If I simply can not find any information or know remotely what the item is, a refund will also be issued.