Australian DPCU Field Shirt- Used

Size (Chest In Inches- U.S. BDU Length)

Don't forget these...

Yes, you read the title correctly... Australian Surplus in the U.S.? Yes! These are genuine surplus field shirts in the VERY hard to find DPCU color scheme. Lightweight yet strong and comfortable. To my knowledge, no other U.S. Surplus retailer has these for sale, which proves my point about them being VERY hard to find, but half the fun of my job is to track this stuff down any way I can. 

NOTES: These are all used. Expect significant fading, small tears,  no patches, and varying styles of shirt (I'm not sure of the nomenclature, but there are a few different styles mixed in this batch). All that being said, these are a must-have for any military afficianado, and I have weeded out the really faded/used/torn ones from this listing. 

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