Austro-Hungarian M1910 Entrenching Tool-Used


Don't forget these...

In 1910, the Austro-Hungarian Empire introduced a lot of new gear, and among that gear, this Model 1910 E-Tool. This is a great multi-purpose tool, with a nice long (for an E-tool) handle and curved/triangular blade. Heavy duty riveted construction. These were used up through the 1950s by the Austrian military until they were replaced by a U.S. style folding E-tool. Many of these were also issued to German troops in WW2 much like other countries' gear. These are all antiques, and are actually quite hard to find in the U.S. due to their extensive service lives.

NOTES: These are all used, so expect wear, nicks in the handle and blade, and potentially slightly bent blades. This is usually in the area that contacts the boot at the bottom of the blade. That being said, that's the worst I've seen so far, and although these are really old and have been used and abused, they are in really good shape. VERY limited numbers of these are available.