Austrian "TAZ Neu" Camouflage Field Blouse


Don't forget these...

In 2017, the Austrian Bundesheer began adopting a camouflage pattern to replace the olive drab M75 and M03 uniforms.  They have since been issuing it to priority units, and this stuff is currently super hard to find.  That has now changed, and you can now own a set of this trendy weird but awesome camouflage for a really nice price.

Although not surplus, the fabric is the actual camo pattern they are using currently. This is cut in a pseudo-standard BDU cut, and is very comfortable. It's more like a very lightweight jacket, and is super practical. 

Made of a lightweight Poly/Cotton ripstop material, and These are comfortable as heck, and look fantastic. All of these come standard in a "Regular" Length. 

NOTE: These are a made-to-order item. This means that after you order, please allow for 3-4 weeks before it arrives to you. If it will be longer, I will let you know. Trust me, it's worth the wait as these correct uniforms are VERY hard to find and highly sought after.