British 4 Piece Modular Sleeping Bag Set- Used


Don't forget these...

I finally went and did it after hundreds of you have requested sleeping bags over the years. Usually they're expensive even for me to buy, but I managed to get a decent deal on these, and am passing the savings on to you! 

Each bundle consists of:

1x Sleeping Bag "Medium Weight"
1x Sleeping bag "Light Weight"
1X Sleeping bag lining 
1x Compression bag

These remind me of the U.S. modular sleeping bag system, and I have kept a set for myself for camping. I am not aware of any temperature ratings, but they are pretty warm when used together. These are all used, so expect minor imperfections like fading, writing, and possibly small holes/tears. That being said, most that I've seen in this batch look to be in really good shape. 

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