British Bates Leather/Nylon Combat Boots- Lightweight Desert Patrol- Excellent Condition

Size (US Sizes)

Don't forget these...

After many years of customers asking if I'll ever get more modern British combat boots, I've managed to find some. These are currently used by UK Forces in all environments due to their durability, comfort, and protection. 

Bates is a very well-known brand of footwear popular in the U.S. and U.K.. Brand new, these boots are extremely expensive, which is why it's always great to get a deal on military surplus. 

 Hearing from current and former British soldiers, they absolutely love these boots and most either keep or try to buy a pair for themselves once they get out. 

Although these are advertised as "new", I always like to under-state the condition to allow for storage wear and other things that picky people like to bring up when something is listed as "new". As a result, I'm listing these as Excellent condition, even though these are unissued.