British "FBP" Flak Vest- Excellent Condition

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Don't forget these...

People are constantly asking me to get Body armor from various places around the world. This time I scored a pretty neat style of vest that I don't really know much about. Labelled as "FBP" (No clue what that stands for), these are quite robust in weight, and are pretty true to size. A 190/120 (XXL-Long) Vest weighs roughly 17 pounds due to the thick padding within the vest itself. These are actually quite comfortable as far as body armor goes, and I'm really tempted to keep one (or two, or three, just like everything else!)

NOTES: These all appear to be un-issued, but please allow for storage wear and other minor imperfections. I wear a 190/120 shirt in British sizes, and the 190/120 vest fit me quite well. 

MORE NOTES: These are being sold for costume/collectible purposes ONLY and are not intended for any sort of ballistic protection. These can NOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES DUE TO ITAR.