British Mk6 Ballistic Nylon Combat Helmet

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Available now from a retailer in the U.S! Genuine surplus British MKVI Helmets. These were used from the First Gulf War on through Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Recently replaced by the MKVII Helmet, many units in Britain still use this pattern helmet. 

Available covers are the  MTP pattern cover,  woodland DPM and desert DPM covers . Now's your chance to grab one of these AWESOME helmets that served Great Britain for 20 years!

Note on Condition and size: These are all used, which means they most likely will have writing on/in them, and have wear and some may have slight corrosion on metal hardware. All are 100% complete and ready to wear. As far as the sizes, these liners are slightly adjustable, so when you purchase an XL, the shell may say "large" but it is indeed made for an XL head. I size these based on liner size, not shell size.