British P1944 MKIV "Turtle Shell" Helmet- Shell Only

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These are probably some of the most coveted British helmets besides MkI helmets. Used by Britain from 1944-1984, these are hard to find and very collectible.  The MKIII was implemented in 1944, and issued to British and Canadian troops just prior to the Normandy invasion. The MKIIIs were only issued as shells, and the soldiers were to remove the liner from their MKII "Brodie" helmets and place them in the new MKIII. This makes the liners interchangeable with the MKII helmets via a screw and washer, and this variant is quite uncommon in the U.S. today.  MKIV Helmets were designed with a "lift the dot" post welded on to the inside of the helmet shell. The new liner could simply be "snapped" in to place and replaced very easily. The shell remains the same as the MKIII, but with the improved liner attachment system. These are more common, thus reflected in the price.  Note: This is only for the SHELL of this helmet and the chin strap. You will need to locate and secure a liner for your helmet, or it can remain as is. Shells will be in solid condition but most have some outer "goop" and scratches from poor storage. The stock photo is a pretty good representation of the shape the actual shells are in structure-wise.