British P1954 Marching Boots- Used

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So, these are pretty cool eh? 

Genuine surplus British P1954 marching boots. These are a copy of the WW2 Ammo Boots, except the hobnails are a little more advanced. These were worn with gaiters, and shined by the soldier they were issued to. Many of these have seen some extensive use, but are all still in good shape overall. 

The soles will look rough, and hobnails may be missing, but these are functional and way cool. I even kept a pair for myself! 

Warning: Should not be worn indoors, will definitely scratch/gouge floors. For outdoor use only. 

Some may have insoles, some may not but that just means you can add your own! Most will have the "shine" being scuffed and worn down. Since these are actual leather, a "break in" period is required to allow these to conform to your foot. These are not only collectible, but downright cool! 

Limited stock on hand!