British P37 MKIII Ammo Pouch Khaki/Brown

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Designed in the late 1930s, the new British P37 webbing system was a great design, and allowed the soldier to access their ammunition quickly and effectively. These were used up until the late 1950s, and provided Commonwealth troops with quick access to their ammo through WW2 and the Korean War. Dates vary on these pouches, and they come in a couple different styles, but all are very cool. Price is PER POUCH unless you choose the "Pair" option, in which you will receive two of the same style pouches as a set. 

Some will have WW2 dates, others appear to be un-marked. To keep this one fair, no choice, and it's totally random. 

NOTE: These are all used, so please expect wear normal with military use. This includes but is not limited to fading, tears, stains, and other various minor imperfections. That being said, I try to inspect each pouch before they get sent to you, so you won't receive an unusable pouch by any means.