British Woodland Camouflage Radar Netting/Screening- Used.


Don't forget these...

For some reason, radar screening has become a very in-demand, and simultaneously expensive commodity in the military surplus world. People want it, but it seems to be getting harder to find. Well, now you can conceal your position with genuine surplus British radar screening. 

Not only does this stuff look great, and break up silhouettes of positions and objects, but it can also be un-zip-tied from the provided net to aid in personal camouflage, such as being worn on helmets and gear. Featuring Green, Brown, and reversible green/brown sections of radar screening, this stuff works great in most woodland environments. 

NOTES: These are all used. The only thing that's consistent is the (approximate) size. The placement, method of attaching, and amount of actual screening will vary since these were all field modified. That being said, you will get a good amount of screening with your net to make it worth it.

Pictures are just an up-close image of some of the screening from a random piece of stock. This is some great stuff!