Bulgarian 1L Aluminum Canteen- Used


Don't forget these...

If you're a canteen guy like me, you'll love these. As you may or may not know, most aluminum canteens have a welded seam holding two molded pieces of the canteen together. These are pretty unique in the fact that there are no seams, and these are extruded, lessening the chances of a faulty seam resulting in leaking.

These are all Cold-War era (I don't know the nomenclature to be honest) and are in used but good condition. Most have hooks, some have chains, but some have neither. These were originally in wool felt covers, but those didn't come with this shipment, which is why the price is lower, and you win. Also, it may look like corrosion at the bottom of the second stock photo, but it is just a result of the extruding process, which gives that part of the canteen a more "rough" texture than the rest. 

I HIGHLY recommend washing the insides of these before use. I usually take BBs and vinegar and shake the ever loving piss out of the canteen (capped, of course) for about 10 minutes. Make sure you do it someplace where people won't get irritated as it's pretty loud. After that, just pour out the BBs and vinegar and rinse it several times and voila. I've done this will all types of aluminum canteens with great success. 

Anyway, here they are, and I have limited quantities.