Bulgarian Gray Wool Overcoat- Excellent Condition


Don't forget these...

Now here is something I haven't been able to get for years, and sold VERY well in the past. These Bulgarian wool overcoats were used from the 1950s through the 1990s by most branches of the Bulgarian armed forces. Made of a coarse wool, and dyed in a great dark gray/stone gray, these are not only super warm and look great, but are versatile for reenactors looking for an affordable alternative to some hard to find WW1/WW2 pattern overcoats. 

In the past, I have seen these converted to early WW1 German overcoats, due to their similar color and button placement. With a little tailoring, these have a lot of potential in that regard. As far as being just a great and useful garment for everyday wear in chilly weather, these are about as good as it gets. Built super tough. 

Sizing: These are made to fit over the uniform, and are sized accordingly, which for an overcoat means a little bit larger than the listed size, but this is what you want. Example, if this is listed as a 38" Chest, it should fit someone who wears that size shirt, and have a little room to be worn over a field shirt. 

Condition: Although these all appear to be in excellent shape, some are still used, so expect usual surplus imperfections like stains, marks, and slight wear/fading. These also smell like moth balls for obvious reasons. I've found that setting these outside for a week or so gets rid of most of that smell, or you can have it dry-cleaned to get rid of that smell. It's a good trade-off as most don't seem to have been ravaged by those little bastards. 

Style: Most are of the same style, but some will vary slightly if they have insignia. Some insignia (if present) may be a different color and such. No guarantee on insignia although most seem to have it. 

Sorry for the long description, these were all questions received about these bad boys in the past. Thanks for reading, and don't wait too long as this older stuff is getting harder and harder to find!