Bulgarian M1971 Steel Helmet- Used

Apprx. Liner Size

Don't forget these...

Years ago I carried these, and they were pretty widely available. In recent years, like a lot of other really cool surplus, they began to become harder to come across. Every once in a while, I get lucky and get small batches of really cool stuff like these helmets, which are inquired about almost on a weekly basis at least. Well, now I have a few of them up for grabs, but must warn you that I don't have a constant source for these, so once they're gone, who knows if I will be able to get any more. 

Anyway, these elusive helmets were used by Bulgarian forces from the 1970s until today. Not many actual facts are know, other than things like obviously being inspired by the Italian M33 combat helmet inside and out. These are actually a pretty decent helmet. Low profile, comfortable, and in our ballistic test on YouTube, the one we hit actually did quite well. Of course, these are being sold as collectible items only, and are not intended for ballistic protection. 

Some notes: These tend to run a little snug in sizes. Although I tried to make sure each one was as close as possible to the size, please realize that they may not be perfect, as the liners for these were made rather crappily. With that, a lot of these will have bent liner bands that will require some TLC to straighten out. This has ALWAYS been an issue with these, so there's that. Also, these are all going to be dirty and the leather possibly worn decently. I have weeded out the ones that are in rough shape with broken hardware and rotting leather, so you won't get a piece of crap. Shells are mostly in VERY good condition and will look great in your Cold War Eastern Bloc collection.