Custom 3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigue Shirt Made from UCP-D Material, Size XL-XXLong


Don't forget these...

So this is a fun one. A while back I worked with someone overseas to make U.S. 3rd Pattern Jungle fatigue uniforms, only in hard to find camouflage patterns. The first two I received had issues. The one for me with this one is the length. I am only 6'3, but apparently the tailor assumed I was 6'7 or 6'8 and made this so it fits like a dress on me. It's also an XL and I rock a 2Xl, so it did't fit. Buttonholes are a little tight, but that can be fixed. So, if you're a big and tall person and want something this awesome, it's your lucky day. I'm not having these made anymore so once these two are gone, they're gone.