Custom Kryptek Mandrake Body Armor Carrier- No Armor

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Don't forget these...

This is something I had purchased a while back, but it's too short for my ogre torso. I have since gotten the same vest, just in a longer length and it is fantastic. This is about a size Large/XL Regular, and is a really bad-ass carrier. I had soft armor inserts in every location and 2 11x14" plates in this vest and it wore very comfortably. Only worn a couple times, but courtesy of the cats, there is some cat hair on it, so be aware of that if you are sensitive to cats. This has the DAPS, and the collar protectors, nut protector (or box protector for the ladies) pouches for side plates and such. If you're looking for a complete armor system that's also in a really bad-ass pattern, this is what you need. This was custom made for me, I'm the one who messed up on communicating the length to the people who made it. VERY well made, and an all-around great set up. Just add soft armor inserts and plates and you'll be good to go!