Czechoslovakian Vz.80 Field Medical Kit- Used


Don't forget these...

Every time I manage to get a few medical kits from various countries, they sell out really quick. There's a reason for that: These contain medical supplies that are both collectible and expensive to buy new. While I'm not guaranteeing sterility, and wouldn't recommend using these for every day cuts and scrapes, these contain plenty of gauze and bandages to use in a pinch, when something is better than nothing. 

These are extremely hard to find in the U.S. as most of them haven't left Czech Republic, and were being used until the mid 2000s.

What most of these contain: Gauze, Field Dressings, Tape, Tourniquet, and plasters (band-aids). Because these are surplus, Please expect the contents to vary from bag to bag.The photo is just a representation of a typical bag pulled at random from stock. Yours may be missing some items, or may have extra items "acquired" by the medic who it was issued to.

The bags themselves are reinforced with plastic, yet coated with soft canvas. These have shoulder straps, and are in generally good condition with only storage wear apparent. THIS IS THE LAST BATCH I WILL BE GETTING IN THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE SO Don't pass this up!