Danish M84 Camouflage Load Bearing Field Suspenders-Used

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So I've been obsessed with Danish M84 Flecktarn pattern since I was young. Their surplus is rather hard to come by, but we've managed to get some useful gear! 

These are made to be woven in to a set-up very similar to the German Bundeswehr modular harness system. One could always sew loops on to the bottoms of the straps to be universally usable. Either way, these are priced right, built tough, and are ready for your loadout!

Constructed of heavy duty nylon, these not only look great, but are also very hard to find, and VERY useful. 

NOTE: These are all used, so please expect some wear. I try to inspect each piece before I send it out for 100% functionality, but I am human and sometimes make mistakes. That being said, with these pieces, you shouldn't have to worry about the overall condition or functionality as they're relatively simple. 

Grab yours today!