East German Blumentarn Camo Combat Trousers. Size 2, 34"x30"


Don't forget these...

Yes, I know, these are SUPER hard to find, but I have been on round 3 of clearing out my personal collection of items that either don't fit me, or that I just think someone else would be happier with. For any serious East German collector, these are up there for rare items, and they're not getting any easier to find. Probably one of the most rare pieces of clothing in my collection, if we're being honest.

These are in good, used condition with minor repairs and a couple small tears as pictured, but are in overall great shape. Made of heavy cotton canvas in 1960, these still have plenty of life in them. I can't remember where or how I got these, but when I was going through my collection I said "OH" audibly. Anyway, this is the only pair I have and will probably ever have, so if you have been looking for one of these, it's a good idea to jump on it before someone else does.