German Bundeswehr Esbit Stove- Used

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Don't forget these...

These are a must-have for any survival kit. Arguably one of my favorite field/camp stoves. The small, compact, and very versatile design has been battled tested numerous times. I have always wanted a few of these to keep in my camping gear for when/if a campfire isn't possible. These, combined with some Trioxane fuel bars (or another type of fuel) makes for a quick heating little stove that's super easy to carry around. These are the real deal, and are built tough to last a long time!

Since these are all the real deal, they are all used. Some are in better cosmetic shape than others, but all are functional. These are getting slightly harder to come by, so don't miss out! (Mess kit in photo not included and is shown as an example of how the stoves operate)