German Bundeswehr Flecktarn G3 Rifleman's Equipment Set- Used


Don't forget these...

These are abolutely fantastic set-ups not just for the G3, but most 7.62x51mm platforms utilizing 20 round magazines. Built EXTREMELY tough, yet very comfortable. Modular for use with any German equipment made in the 90s through today that utilizes this attachment system. 

What you get in each kit as pictured:

1 O.D. Heavy Duty Canvas Belt that measures at least 36" size using adjustable straps in the front. 

1 Pair of Field Suspenders, also made of heavy duty canvas. 

2 Dual Cell Flecktarn Pouches for H&K G3 20 Round Magazines- Unissued

1 Walther P38/P1 Holster, Flecktarn, Also Unissued. 

All of these are genuine surplus in used but good shape. I personally love this set-up for its simplicity, durability, and practicality. Don't wait too long until these are all sold out!