German Bundeswehr H&K G3 Ammo Pouch


Don't forget these...

These pouches are super popular, and rightfully so. Having served the Bundeswehr for almost 50 years, this style of pouch held 2 20 Round magazines for the infamous H&K G3 Rifle each. Each soldier was issued two of these pouches for a total of four mags. 

Early on, these were made from a rubberized canvas material that is really strong and water resistant. In the 1980s, they introduced a new all-vinyl construction which was very water resistant and opened more quickly, allowing fast access to ammo. 

If you have a G3, CETME, AR10, FAL, or M1A, these pouches will work with those 20 round magazines. Built tough, AND collectible, you can't afford to pass these up. Priced right, these are almost a no-brainer. 

NOTE: Assume these are all used, and will have normal wear from extensive use in the field. That being said, most of these are in good to very good condition. IF you order more than one. I will attempt to match the shade of the pouches so you get a matching color set as the shades of OD vary slightly. No guarantees as I'm not sure if there are an even number of each.